Our Services

The Foundation provides direct care to survivors of torture and trauma in the form of counselling, advocacy, family support, group work and complementary therapies.

In supporting survivors’ struggle to regain control over their lives, our approach is guided by what they themselves identify as their needs. We have an absolute commitment to safety, informed consent and empowerment, and to reinforcing the rights of individuals and families seeking assistance.

For more information about our services
contact us on 03 9388 0033
email: administrator@survivorsvic.org.au.

The Foundation also:

  • Offers training and consultancy to other service providers who have contact with survivors of torture and trauma. 
  • Develops resources to enhance the understanding of the needs of survivors among health and welfare professionals, government and the wider community
  • Works with government, community groups and other providers to develop services and programs to meet the needs of survivors.
  • Works with State and Commonwealth governments to ensure that relevant policies are sensitive to the needs of survivors. 
  • Works with international movements towards the elimination of torture and trauma. 
  • Conducts and contributes to research to enhance the understanding of the needs of survivors and the best possible ways of meeting them.